July 18

1 Chronicles 26:12-27:34; Romans 4:13-5:5; Psalm 14:1-7; Proverbs 19:17

Do you live a generous lifestyle? How generous are you to the work of God? Generosity is the mark of a mature, loving, grateful person. The Bible commends generous people as those who will receive generosity. Generosity can only come from a big heart! 

King David, his family, and military leaders dedicated a portion of all they acquired to God. Why would they do this? After all, they were the ones who were on the front battle lines. They were the one’s risking their lives in battle. The conventional wisdom was “to the victor goes the spoils.” So, why would they willingly give a portion of what was theirs to keep God’s work moving forward? It is because they had a great sense of gratitude to God because they realized that they could never have won any victory without the help of God. 

If you take a moment and count your many blessings, you will see how the hand of God has been evident in your life. A great way to give thanks to our Faithful God is to faithfully support His work so that others will come to know Him. It is a great investment and it enables others to hear the Good News of Jesus. 

Tomorrow’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 28:1-29:30; Romans 5:6-21; Psalm 15:1-5; Proverbs 19:18-19

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