December 11

Amos 4:1-6:14; Revelation 2:18-3:6; Psalm 130:1-8; Proverbs 29:21-22 

Amos prophesies about the “Day of the Lord”. It is often referred to as a terrible day. It is filled with judgment and pain for the Israelites who disobeyed. On this day, God unloaded the weight of His anger on His rebellious children.

What did it take to get God so angry at His people? In addition to worshipping other gods, which was big, they didn’t value family, they mistreated the most vulnerable in society, their courts were filled with injustice and they had lost their moral center. For all of this, Israel was exiled from their land and taken captive in foreign nations.

Even though we are under grace and not law, God still cares about these same areas in our lives. Are you valuing your family? Are you helping others who are in need? Are you living with the character and integrity of God? Are you standing for that which is right and just?

Because of all that God has done for us, let’s commit to make what matters to Him a priority for us!

Tomorrow’s Reading:  Amos 7:1-9:15; Revelation 3:7-22; Psalm 131:1-3; Proverbs 29:23

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