November 13

Ezekiel 27:1-28:26; Hebrews 11:17-31; Psalm 111:1-10; Proverbs 27:15-16

Most people will never see God in person while on earth. But, God loves people too much to allow them to go their entire lives without knowing Who He is. So, what God does is He touches our lives and transforms us so that we look more like Him. And, when people look at us, they see a reflection of Who God is.

Because of Israel’s disobedience, the entire world was going to see them humiliated through exile. Even though people would see them leave with their heads hung low, when they returned, they would be able to hold their heads high because of God’s faithfulness and forgiveness.

Aren’t you glad that God does not pick perfect people but broken people who He can use to show the world how Holy He is. He let His glory shine through our imperfections! God never wants us to whitewash our past. He wants us to use every past failure as a testimony of God’s goodness and mercy. In this way, those who meet us can get a good picture of Who God is and then they will start their own journey with Him.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Ezekiel 29:1-30:26; Hebrews 11:32-12:13; Psalm 112:1-10; Proverbs 27:17

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