January 18

Genesis 37:1-38:30; Matthew 12:22-45; Psalm 16:1-11; Proverbs 3:27-32

Everyone can’t handle your dreams! As you start a new year and begin to dream big dreams and pursue your purpose with passion, there are people who will not accept, affirm or assist you with them. This is a part of life but it should not deter you from dreaming anyway!! When you read the word “dream” think “purpose”!

God gave Joseph a dream for his life just like He gave you a dream (purpose) for your life. God revealed His dream to Joseph. God wants to reveal His dream for your life too. In his haste and excitement, Joseph shared his dream with people close to him and they rejected his dream. Has this ever happened to you?

Here is the difference: Joseph did not let their rejection stop him. Here is a great thought I’d like you to take with you from today’s reading. What he could do, He did do and God did the rest!

Joseph was obedient to his Dad. He went to see his brothers. His brothers threw him in a pit and sold him into slavery. Joseph never let go of his dream! So, what can you do with the dreams that you shelved or put on the back burner? Dust them off and bring them to the front burner!!

Just do that and watch what God does; step-by-step God will bring your dreams to pass. Joseph’s dream looked impossible to fulfill from the pit he was thrown into. But, God did it. Over the next couple of days, we are going to look at the things Joseph did intentionally to live out His purpose!

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 39:1-41:16; Matthew 12:46-13:23; Psalm 17:1-15; Proverbs 3:33-35

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