March 1

Leviticus 24:1-25:46; Mark 10:13-31; Psalm 44:9-26; Proverbs 10:20-21

Every 50 years, Israel observed a Jubilee. It was a time when people cancelled debts, reclaimed property, repatriated families and everyone received a fresh start! Most people only experienced one Jubilee in their lifetime. It was a joyous time of true freedom. (When Jesus came, he ushered in a new time of Jubilee for us. We do not need to wait 50 years. The moment we accept Jesus as our Savior, our Jubilee begins and never ends!)

In the middle of God giving instructions to Israel how they are to honor this Jubilee, he says, “Show your fear of God by not taking advantage of each other. I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 25:17)

When we have power to do good for someone, do we do it? When we have the ability to help someone, do we do it? When we have the apparent upper hand, do we take advantage of it? How we treat others does clearly show what we think of God. You see, we were made in God’s image and in God’s likeness. So, every person bears a resemblance to God! How we treat each other will either show we honor God or not. Too often we separate our relationship with God from how we treat one another. However, they are linked in God’s eyes.

How we treat people, even those who mistreat us, is a reflection of our respect for God! Let’s commit to do good to others– even those with whom we do not agree. Let’s use the power and influence that God has given us to help and bless people not take advantage of them.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Leviticus 25:47-27:13; Mark 10:32-52; Psalm 45:1-17; Proverbs 10:22