March 9

Numbers 11:24-13:33; Mark 14:22-52; Psalm 52:1-9; Proverbs 11:1-3

Today, we see another example of how complaining causes negative effects in our lives. Miriam and Aaron complained about Moses’ leadership. They questioned if Moses had an exclusive claim on hearing from God and speaking for God. They even questioned the ethnicity of his wife. All of this negative speaking caused a negative effect on their lives.

God spoke up for Moses. He told Miriam and Aaron what Moses meant to Him and the depth of relationship that Moses and God had. “But not with my servant Moses. Of all my house, he is the one I trust” (Numbers 12:7). When God’s presence lifted from the tabernacle, Miriam contracted leprosy. The very person whom she criticized had to pray for her to be healed.

Then in the very next chapter, we see the spies return from surveying the Promised Land. They testified that it was exactly how God said it would be. Rather than focusing on the fulfillment of God’s promise, the majority of the spies talked about the obstacles that would have to be overcome. They gave a bad report of the land and turned the hearts of the people against moving forward. Do you know what happened? All those who doubted and believed the bad report, never saw the Promised Land. Even though God promised them this land and was prepared to do whatever it took to get them into the land, their negativity caused them to miss it.

Are there promises in your life that are unclaimed because you believed a negative report? Are you stuck in life without any forward movement because of constant complaining? Is your glass always half empty? Complaining and negativity are too costly. Renounce them and speak words of life and hope over your life and watch what God does.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Numbers 14:1-15:16;Mark 14:53-72;Psalm 53:1-6;Proverbs 11:4