April 12

Joshua 5:1-7:15; Luke 15:1-32; Psalm 81:1-16; Proverbs 13:1

When Israel gets into the Promised Land, God instructs Joshua to circumcise all the men. This was a sign of the covenant that God had with His people. At the conclusion of the circumcision, God says that “the reproach of Egypt” has been rolled away!

To reproach is to show disapproval. All through the wilderness journey, God  repeatedly disapproved of  His children’s behavior. The more God did for Israel, the more they seemed to stray from His path.  Even when they renewed their covenant with Him, they were the same people after the circumcision as they were before. The only difference was the presence of the covenant.

Now, fast forward to the New Testament. Jesus comes to give us a New Covenant (Testament) that is founded on grace. In the same way that the Old Testament covenant removed the reproach, so does the New Testament covenant. In Christ, Jesus does not disapprove of  you. God does not disapprove of you! You are Righteous– through and through! Not because of you, but because of Jesus’ Blood Covenant!

Remove all feelings like you are unworthy or awaiting God’s judgment. God loves you and has made a better covenant with you! God is pleased with you! You are the Apple of His Eye! You are His Beloved Child! Receive! Receive! Receive!

Tomorrow’s Reading: Joshua 7:16-9:2; Luke 16:1-18; Psalm 82:1-8; Proverbs 13:2-3

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