April 30

Judges 11:1-12:15; John 1:1-28; Psalm 101:1-8; Proverbs 14:13-14

Have you ever been rejected? It is never a good feeling. It is even worse when you are rejected by your family. Jephthah felt this. His father was a renowned man but his mother was a prostitute. He was discredited and his half-brothers exiled him once he became a man.

He went to a place called Tob. In the Hebrew, Tob means good. Jephthah went to a good land but what did he do? He hung out with worthless people. You see, rejection can eat away at your esteem in such a way that you will only find comfort around others of low self-worth.

Jephthah’s behavior was only a cover for a mighty warrior that lived within. How many mighty men and women of valor are languishing in squalor because no one believed in them? In the face of rejection, Jephthah choose a lesser path. Don’t let the rejection of others cause you to undervalue who you are in God’s eyes. As Jephthah proved, he could be a great leader if he only believed in himself. God always believes in us.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Judges 13:1-14:20; John 1:29-51; Psalm 102:1-28; Proverbs 14:15-16

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