May 6

Ruth 2:1-4:22; John 4:43-54; Psalm 105:16-36; Proverbs 14:26-27

We often hear, “actions have consequences.” Usually it is said in a negative context where there is punishment coming because of something we did. However, the opposite is also true. Good actions have good consequences (or rewards).

Ruth was a selfless lady who had every reason to leave her mother-in-law and return to her family, find a new husband and raise a new family. Yet, because of her loyalty to Naomi, she remained with her and left her native land. As a foreigner, she was very vulnerable but her good actions positioned her for good rewards.

Her sacrifice caused her to leave family, security, children, and comfort. There is no way possible that God will ever let someone give up something for which He will not recompense him or her! When Ruth went out to work, she started to receive the favor of God. She received the food she needed. She then found the man she wanted. He married her and gave her the child she wanted. The interesting aspect to this whole story is that this selfless woman, Ruth, is in the bloodline of King David and King Jesus!

God will give you opportunities to show selflessness as it relates to someone else. When you do this you should know that God sees and He will honor it. It is the very nature of God to be selfless. Don’t run from sacrifice! Your answered prayers are right on the other side of your selfless acts.

Tomorrow’s Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-2:21; John 5:1-23; Psalm 105:37-45; Proverbs 14:28-29

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