May 15

1 Samuel 17:1-18:4; John 8:21-30; Psalm 111:1-10; Proverbs 15:11

One way to assure success when you are facing a giant situation is to get God involved. Israel’s army was paralyzed with fear because of Goliath. He taunted them daily and they could not muster the courage to fight him.

When David came to the camp to bring his brothers some food, he heard the rants of Goliath and wondered why no one was challenging him. After all, Goliath was mocking God! David steps forward having no military experience and offered to fight a trained warrior. How could David be so confident?

It was because he had a track record of God helping him in impossible situations. When he was alone and the flock was attacked, David had to rely on God! He attributed his success to God’s intervention. Sure enough, David stood before someone who was better trained, better resourced (Goliath had state of the art weapons) and bigger in stature; yet, with one smooth stone, he brought Goliath down. What made the difference? God’s help.

God will help you defeat any giant you face. You just have to include Him and follow His directions. Your giants will fall.

Tomorrow’s Reading: 1 Samuel 18:5-19:24; John 8:31-59; Psalm 112:1-10; Proverbs 15:12-14

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