June 11

1 Kings 8:1-66; Acts 7:51-8:13; Psalm 129:1-8; Proverbs 17:1

Solomon continues to show his wisdom. With the Temple completed, he prepared a great dedication. He and the people offered so many sacrifices that they lost count of how many animals there were.

With all the people watching, Solomon gets on his knees and prays earnestly for Israel. His heart-felt prayer carries Israel until this day. Prayer is such a vital part of our worship lives yet many people neglect it. Solomon’s prayer covered every person in almost every situation. He entreated the Lord to always be in a position to forgive His people.

Solomon knew that the people would mess up but he had already prayed for them that they would be quick to repent so that they could get back in line. Are there areas that you should be covering with prayer? Pray according to the Word and you can have a confidence that God is hearing you and He will answer your prayers!

Tomorrow’s Reading:1 Kings 9:1-10:29; Acts 8:14-40; Psalm 130:1-8; Proverbs 17:2-3

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