July 3

2 Kings 22:3-23:30; Acts 21:37-22:16; Psalm 1:1-6; Proverbs 18:11-12

Have you ever done spring cleaning? You know, where you go top to bottom in your house and clean every room, closet, cabinet and even the garage? How about a spiritual house cleaning? This is a time when you look around at all the things you are engaged in and ask, “Are these things drawing me closer to God or drawing me away from God?”

King Josiah was the new king and he started doing temple cleaning and rebuilding. In the process he found a scroll of the Law. It painted a clear picture about what Israel had done which had caused their destruction. Josiah undertook a plan to clean out Judah from all the negative influences that pulled them away from God. His process was two-fold.

Josiah had to tear things down and destroy them. He also had to build things up in their place. What things in your life need to be torn down because they really are a distraction to your walk with God? What new things do you need to build up so that you can draw closer to God? What would happen if this exercise of spiritual house cleaning was done more frequently? It would yield the midcourse corrections that we need so that we can get to our place of purpose and destiny. Let’s do some spiritual house cleaning.

Tomorrow’s Reading: 2 Kings 23:31-25:30; Acts 22:17-23:10; Psalm 2:1-12; Proverbs 18:13

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