March 25

Deuteronomy 4:1-49; Luke 6:39-7:10; Psalm 68:1-18; Proverbs 11:28
Israel had the unique privilege of hearing God’s voice. When Moses ascended up on Mt. Sinai to receive the law, God’s voice boomed from the clouds and His fire could be seen. Among all the nations on the earth at this time, only Israel enjoyed this honor.

Moses reminded the people as he prepared for his death not to take God’s voice lightly or for granted. As they prepared to enter the Promised Land, they were cautioned to listen to God’s voice diligently all their days. Moses was concerned that they would be enthralled by all the blessings of the Lord and neglect to hear His voice.

Moses warned them not to forget the time when, “ …the Lord spoke to you from the heart of the fire. You heard the sound of his words but didn’t see his form; there was only a voice.” Israel only had a voice.

You have His voice as well! This is a unique miracle that we can experience daily. God is always speaking but are you listening. He wants to speak to you about your life and your future. Heed Moses’ admonition and listen to His voice. He will guide you by His voice.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Deuteronomy 5:1-6:25; Luke 7:11-35; Psalm 68:19-35; Proverbs 11:29-31


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