June 18

1 Kings 19:1-21; Acts 12:1-23; Psalm 136:1-26; Proverbs 17:14-15
When you take a stand for God, sometimes it feels like you are all alone. We see a different Elijah than we saw yesterday. This one is growing fearful as if he was the only one left. You ever felt that way? It seems like on your job you are the only spirit-led believer. It feels like you are the only one who is trying to live for God.

God has good news for you today! You are not alone! First, you have his presence. Elijah was so used to seeing God in a dynamic windstorm, earthquake and fire. But, even though these things happened, they did not contain God’s presence. God came in a still small voice (whisper). God was speaking to Elijah in a different way and he was not able to recognize it. So, he felt that God had stopped helping Him.

The next thing God told Elijah was that there were a lot of people who were taking a stand for God. In fact, 7000 people were standing for the Lord and Elijah didn’t know. There is such a joy in living in communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And, there is great contentment in knowing that we are not standing all alone. This is why we need to be connected with other believers. Things like small groups are so important because they constantly remind us that we are not alone and we have others who will walk though life with us.

Don’t put God in a box! Let Him speak to you in new and exciting ways. God has made you a promise that He will never leave you or abandon you.  God desires to walk with you through life, will you allow Him?

Tomorrow’s Reading: 1 Kings 20:1-21:29; Acts 12:24-13:15; Psalm 137:1-9; Proverbs 17:16

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