June 26

2 Kings 9:14-10:31; Acts 17:1-34; Psalm 144:1-15; Proverbs 17:27-28

God’s justice is not limited by our lifetimes. He will see that justice is done even after we have died. Naboth was viciously killed by Jezebel because Ahab wanted his vineyard. It was wrong and God judged it. At the time God said that Ahab, Jezebel and their entire family would be punished because of the injustice done to Naboth.

Like clock-work, God’s Word came to pass by the hand of King Jehu. You see, evil cannot win. In movies and TV shows, evil may win but not in a world where God lives. It may look like evil wins but when the dust settles evil loses every time. It may seem like it is taking some time but rest assured, God will not be mocked.

You may know of an injustice that happened to your family and there were some things unfairly taken. Don’t just let it go! You stand in faith that anything that was taken from your family line will be returned. Time does not matter to God. If it was taken unfairly from you or an ancestor, you believe God to get it back in your generation.

Tomorrow’s Reading: 2 Kings 10:32-12:21; Acts 18:1-22; Psalm 145:1-21; Proverbs 18:1

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