January 27

Exodus 4:1-5:21; Matthew 18:1-20; Psalm 22:19-31; Proverbs 5:15-21

Ever felt like you could not accomplish what God has given you to do. One thing is for certain, when it is an assignment from God it is always above and beyond what our regular abilities can accomplish!

Here is a simple truth: when a task is from God it will always appear impossible for you! So, don’t be surprised when there is a big vision in your heart! Only the devil gives small vision! God’s vision is big.

Yesterday, we heard God’s conversation with Moses. God speaks about how He has heard his people’s cries. God tells Moses that He is going to do something about it. And, before you know it, God says, “Moses, I’m sending you!” Huh?

Moses offered a litany of excuses as to why someone else would be better— as if God would ever accept our excuses. In such a loving way, God responds to every objection with a solution. When God finally tells Moses to go back and get started, Moses’ objections were answered and he leaves full of faith!

If God did that for Moses, won’t He do it for you? Whatever the big dream is that God has given you, trust Him to do it through you! All you have to do is be obedient! God will never tell you to do anything that He won’t help you to do!

For those who have questions about Exodus 4:24-26: Click here.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Exodus 5:22-7:25; Matthew 18:21-19:12; Psalm 23:1-6; Proverbs 5:22-23

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